Asbestos & Mold Removal in Boston

We are a full service Hazardous Materials firm, specializing in Asbestos Removal and Abatement, Mold Removal and Remediation, and Controlled Demolition in both residential and commercial settings. Our employees are fully licensed and trained in the most current federal, state, and local safety regulations. C.A.E., Inc is based in Boston Massachusetts and serves customers across the entire state of Massachusetts. Call us today for a free estimate!

Our Boston asbestos removal and abatement process is both thorough and comprehensive. We are dedicated to every aspect of our job, from inspecting your home to the actual removal of potentially harmful mold and asbestos.

The Pre-Abatement Process

The asbestos removal and abatement process begins with taking Background air samples from inside and directly outside the work area. Once we arrive onsite, the project monitor will establish a regulated work area. They will install and initiate engineering control systems and disable electrical and HVAC systems within the work area. Decontamination control systems will be installed and critical seals will be applied to penetrations and openings. Workers will then engage in a pre-cleaning process involving the removal of moveable objects, the sealing of objects that cannot be moved, plasticizing of surfaces not being abated, placement of hazard signs and installation of negative pressure equipment.

The Abatement Process

The removal will begin using hand tools and wet removal methods. Materials will be removed in a top-down fashion and placed in disposable waste bags which will be goosenecked and sealed with duct tape. They will then be double-bagged and taken through the decontamination unit. All waste will be stored in a specially labelled trailer or dumpster, lined with protective poly and covered to protect the public. The work area will be cleaned daily at the end of each shift.

The Post-Abatement Process

Once the abatement process is complete, a visual inspection will be performed and a First Cleaning will commence with all surfaces being wet wiped. The will be a wait period of 2-12 hours to allow for drying/settling before the first layer of process can be removed. Workers will then engage in a Second Cleaning process involving a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuum and another wet wiping of all surfaces. There will be another wait period of 2-12 hours for drying/settling before the final layer of poly can be removed. If necessary, the cleaning process will be performed again. A final visual inspection will be performed and project monitor will verify on behalf of the district that the inspection is adequate and all cleaning has been completed. A clearance air sampling process will begin to ensure that the abatement and cleaning have been accomplished adequately. Once satisfactory results are verified negative pressure will stop and all tools, materials, barriers, equipment and waste will be removed.

Contact our Boston-based asbestos testing and service company. We promise to completely eradicate the asbestos in your home or building, and keep its inhabitants safe before, during, and after the process.